Grammie Olivia

Just to let you know a little bit about me!  Grammie Olivia is a wife, mother, grandmother and friend to a lot of people.  She loves to blog about all kinds of things that matter to her and  hopefully make a small difference in the world.

She loves to garden, make things, explore new places, use her hands and her mind, in other words, she is always busy with something.

I love to share what I love and what I find useful to others as well as myself.  So if it’s a better way to make a quilt, or a better way to cook with vegetables, or something fun like zentangles, you can bet you will hear about it here……

Welcome to my little world and I hope you enjoy what you find here.

One of my mantras!

One of my mantras!

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The World Fascinates Me

Within these pages and posts you will find a host of things to do both for yourself and/or with some one you love. That could be your other half or one of your children or grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or anyone else that you care about. You can learn about knitting or crocheting, drawing, colouring, …

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halloween costumes, halloween bowls, halloween decor

Halloween, the time to let your inner child out!

Halloween is the time of year when everyone can get into the action and let themselves be young again. That last day in October is one that is looked forward to by kids and grown ups alike. What other day of the year can you pretend to be whatever you want to be? And get …

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Early Learning with Children

Unlimited Ways to Help Children Learn While Having Fun

Children have unlimited ways to learn and the whole time they are learning they are having fun too! offers ways for your child to get excited about learning how to read, learning math, science and social studies. It’s all done in a fun and easy atmosphere, where the lessons are integrated with characters …

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